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Do I have to pay my employees during this shut-down?

The Federal government has passed several measures to help employers and employees during this crisis.  They are the:
1) Emergency Family and Medical Leave Expansion Act
2) Emergency Paid Sick Leave Act
3) Tax Credits For Paid Sick And Paid Family And Medical Leave

Employers should:
  1. Allow employees to use any paid time off that they have, whether it is vacation or sick time,
  2. Pay the mandatory Paid Sick Leave, if they and the employees meet the requirements,
  3. Encourage their employees to file for Unemployment.
Any employer that utilizes Paid Sick Leave is eligible for employment tax credits, up to a maximum amount per day.  We will give you information on how to claim that as it becomes available.
No employer will be charged for unemployment during this period, which means that if your employees file claims, it will not increase your experience rate in the future.
You are encouraged to file for an SBA Disaster Loan if you do not have the funds to remain in business. Link to apply for an SBA disaster loan:   https://disasterloan.sba.gov/ela/